The Economist: Romania, the highest economic growth in the EU in 2017

cluj_centerEnglish-language weekly news magazine The Economist estimates that Romania’s economy will increase by 3.4% in 2017, the highest growth rate in Europe, mainly supported by consumption.

Its report “The World in 2017” shows that Romania’s budget deficit will exceed the ceiling of 3% of the GDP, reaching 3.2%. The inflation rate will amount to 2.2%, reports

Romania would reach a GDP per capita of USD 10,335 as a nominal value. Adjusted to the purchasing power, the GDP per capita would total USD 24,780, according to

Second after Romania, Turkey will have an economic growth of 3.3%, followed by Bulgaria (3.2%), and Ireland (3%), according to “The World in 2017” report.

Poland’s GDP growth will reach 2.9% whereas Hungary will see an economic growth of 2.4%. In the Czech Republic, the GDP will grow by 2.5%, according to The Economist.

EU’s large economies will record only modest growths. The British magazine predicts a growth of 1.3% in Germany, 1.1% in France, 0.9% in Italy and only 0.6% in the UK.


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