Romanians save on average EUR 46 monthly, says Erste

bcrRomanians save on average EUR 46 monthly, almost five times less than an Austrian, who saves EUR 216 monthly, according to a study made by the Austrian financial group Erste, who owns the Romanian bank BCR. The amount saved monthly by a Romanian is unchanged compared with 2015, while an Austrian saves 7.5 percent more this year. Among the countries analysed by Erste, Austrians are the leaders in savings, followed by Slovakians (EUR 97 monthly), Czech people (EUR 77), Croatians (EUR 57) and Hungarians (EUR 52). The only ones who save less than Romanians are Serbians, with EUR 34 monthly, says


At the same time, 27 percent of Romanians are not satisfied with their savings. They are outrun by Croatians (35 percent) and Hungarians (31 percent). Also, 40 percent of the Romanians believe that saving is very important, outrun only by Hungarians (50 percent) and at equality with Serbians (40 percent). They are followed by Austrians and Croatians (33 percent) and Czech people (27 percent), according to


Moreover, 55 percent of Romanians said they have not sufficient money to save, outrun by Serbians (65 percent).


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