Romania’s largest bank launches travel guide app for city card holders

clujRomania’s largest bank BCR and Clujul Vazut Altfel Association have launched the Top City Card app, the first travel guide available for smartphone, associated with a city card. The app is currently available only in Romanian.

BCR City Card holders can download the app for free from App Store and Google Play. To activate the app, the users need the card number. Then, they can select the city they want and view the project’s partners, the tourist attractions, and the offers available for BCR City Card and Top City Card holders, according to

Based on the users’ location, the app will allow them to seek the nearest offers in the city, grouped by categories (restaurants, cafes, pub, hotels, leisure activities and tourist attractions). The user can then choose how the results are displayed (list or map), use the navigation system, and find details on these points of interest.


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