MEP Buda: The fact that 45pct of farming land is owned by foreigners is national security problem

The Member of the European Parliament, National Liberal Party (PNL)’s Daniel Buda on Sunday launched at western Cluj-Napoca in a news conference a warning referring to the sale of Romania’s farming land, stating that the situation our country is confronted with could be perceived from a national security’s perspective, according to

The Liberal MEP stressed that 45 of Romania’s farming land is today owned by foreign individuals or entities.

“I’ve asked in my report lodged to the EP and voted (…) single procedures and conditions of purchase and sale of the farming lands at European level and I drew attention upon this matter through the amendments I submitted, because I deem that Romania is currently facing a matter of national security. The fact that today in Romania over 45 pct of the farming land is owned by foreigners is a matter that on the medium and long term will undoubtedly affect us,” Daniel Buda asserted.

He highlighted that his warning should not be taken as an urge to forbidding transactions of farming land to foreigners, because such a thing would be in opposition to the treaties Romania is part to, but mentioned the necessity to imposing some conditions and in this respect he gave the example of France. Buda explained that in France the purchase of a piece of land is possible under certain circumstances, the individual being compelled to demonstrate their affinity to the area they buy the land, to show they lived there in the past 10 years, as well as their intention to do agriculture.


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