Romanian florist plants 27,000 tulips in Oradea public park at his own expense

bihonRomanian Marius Sabău, the owner of a flower shop in Oradea, planted 27,000 tulips in a public park in the city at his own expense, according to

Sabău says he wanted to bring back the old charm of the area and prove to himself that it was something that could be done. The tulips are planted in the city’s Libertatii Park, says

“First of all, I think one of the motivations was to prove to myself that it can be done. I’ve liked this park ever since I was a kid,” Sabău explained, quoted by

Sabău owns the Florius Art flower shop, known in Oradea for its sound. Each night, classical music can be heard from the flower shop, where the owner airs it because he argues it has a beneficial effect on the plants.

Sabău learned the flower growing trade in Hungary. During high school he used to work at a flower greenhouse in Hungary, and also worked in a flower shop in Budapest.

“Each summer I used to go to Debrecen, at the flower solariums, to earn some money. Little by little I learned the secret each flower has in order to grow beautifully,” he explains.


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