Western Romania city could need subway in the next 15 years

Cluj-Napoca, a city in Western Romania, could need to build a subway line in the next 15 years because of an expanding population and metropolitan area, Emil Boc, the city’s mayor, said, quoted by Romania-Insider.com.

In order to ensure a good traffic in Cluj-Napoca, a subway line of three to four stops would be needed between the Floresti and Apahida areas of the city, the mayor explained. Boc said the City Hall decided to start a pre-feasibility study to learn more about the costs of such a project and potential financing sources.

“We will not be able to avoid this discussion [e.n. about the subway]. That some people criticize it, that some agree, that’s a different matter. The Cluj of the 500,000 inhabitants is close. With Floresti, the metropolitan area, everyone going in and out of Cluj, we are 500,000 [e.n people]. Cluj will not be able to avoid this discussion of having at least one subway line in ten years,” the mayor said.

He also explained that a city of 400,000 inhabitants doesn’t need a subway line. However, many cities surpassing the 500,000 inhabitants mark and heading towards one million support their urban mobility with the help of a subway line.

The pre-feasibility study will indicate whether the subway is needed, the mayor argued. He also explained the budget of the city would not be able to cover such a project and a loan would need to be contracted.


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