Cluj, without Interval festival

intervalRomanian festival Interval is putting all of its future events on hold after suffering “massive financial losses”, according to

The news comes a week after the second edition of Interval 100, a 100-hour house and techno event held across various clubs in Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s second city. A poor turnout left the organisers €70,000 in debt, forcing them to announce the indefinite hiatus. “We will need to focus all of our time and energy on finding the much-needed support from third party financiers and sponsors to help us pay back our partners, vendors and suppliers as well as a few of the artists who played at Interval 100,” the festival posted on Facebook. “We cannot go on until all of our debt has been paid.”

Interval also runs another festival called Interval Natural, which was scheduled to return for its second edition in 2017. Speaking to RA over email, co-founder Irina Bako is still confident it will go ahead, though with a reduced lineup. “It’s likely to happen since it’s ten months from now. The size of its lineup is the only variable and the problem we have right now is with some agencies we need to delay payments or half-payments for. Hopefully we can make Natural happen—we have a contract with them—but for now we need to focus on recovering some money through the labels and other work.” Bako went on to say that Interval is “planning on entering the Romanian version of administration.”

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