Study: Six in ten Romanian employees are happy at work

fabricaOver 61% of the employees in Romania, who participated in a study conducted by the recruiting platform, said that are happy at their current job, quoted by

The survey, which is part of #HappyLaJob campaign, was carried out online on the eJobs platform. More than 123,000 Romanians, including employees, entrepreneurs, company managers, and bloggers answered a series of questions in October-November 2016.

The questionnaire started with the question “Are you happy?”, to which 65% of respondents gave a positive answer. The contentment at work, however, was assessed through five main pillars of happiness in professional life, namely passion, honesty, the balance between personal and professional life, the activity’s impact within the company, and career evolution.

Thus, a total of 68% of respondents said they are passionate about their jobs, and confirmed that they put passion into their day-to-day activities. Moreover, 56% stated that there is transparency at their workplace, 63% said that they manage to find a healthy balance between the professional life and the personal one, and 70% feel that their work makes a difference in the company or the society. Also, 46% said that they have the necessary opportunities to evolve at work.

Overall, 26% of respondents said that they are completely happy at work, from all points of view, while fewer than 10% gave negative answers to all questions.

Among those who said they’ve found a balance between the professional life and the personal one, four in ten stated that they would like their work to have a greater impact in the company or society. Also, a third of those who don’t see their work’s impact are still very passionate about their jobs.


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