Bosch looking for 340 people for auto parts factory at Jucu, Cluj County

boschThe German company Bosch announced that Jucu factory trebled its production since inauguration in May 2014 to the present day, says

Most jobs available are for robot operating technicians (100) and administrative staff (110), but the Germans are also looking for automation engineers, manufacture programmers, section chiefs, electricians and programmers.

Besides the research-development centre in Cluj and its production units for mobility solutions in Cluj and Blaj, Bosch also operates a production unit for linear technology, in Blaj as well as a BPO centre in Timisoara.

In Bucharest, Bosch operates a sales office for products of mobility solution divisions, consumer goods and technology for constructions and energy. There is also a branch of BSH Hausgerate GmbH, active in the household appliance market.

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