Dacian treasure will be exhibited in Alba Iulia in June

bratariAn exhibition of a valuable Dacian treasure consisting of two golden bracelets and over 300 gold and silver coins will be held between June 21-28 in Sala Unirii in Alba Iulia with free access to the public, according to Agerpres.

The artifacts come from the Sarmizegetusa Regia site and were recovered by the Romanian state after being sold on the international Black Market by archaeological poachers, says Business-Review.eu.

This is will not the first time the authorities in Alba Iulia chose to exhibit Dacian bracelets, as in the past all 13 bracelets that are currently in the possession of the Romanian state were presented to the public at the Alba Iulia museum (Muzeul National al Unirii).

The two golden bracelets and the coins made of Koson and Lysimachos gold and silver will also serve as evidence in a trial held in Deva.


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