Romanian Hackers Mine Cryptocurrency Illegally On Hacked Computers

A group of Romanian hackers have discovered computers around the world that have been discovered by researchers at cybersecurity and anti-virus software company BitDefender – Writes Main Square. In addition to the description of their methods and defenses, no further information about the group has been disclosed, and it is not known whether they are being investigated by competent authorities or whether they can carry out the attack without any disturbance. On the other hand, they know that communication takes place in their application in Romanian and English languages ​​and uses Romanian names, according to

Hackers use hacked laptops and computers for illegal cryptocurrency mining, and a password that can be easily broken to gain control is enough.

Victims often do not notice that someone else is using the device, and it often seems that it is not working properly.

The Cluj-Napoca newspaper drew attention.

Miners use machines running the Linux operating system to my monorail, and have developed a special program to crack password-protected servers. BitDefender drew attention to the importance of strong passwords, and it is worthwhile to close down the communication protocols used.





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