Romanian tourism firm Paralela 45 to open four new branches to meet rising demand

Romanian tourism company Paralela 45 plans to open four new branches this week in order to meet a rise in demand as conditions for international travel improve due to a sizeable decline in the number of new coronavirus cases in some countries, according to

“We can say that the pandemic has ended at Parallel 45, we and our tourists have both been waiting for this since last year. Starting June, we are opening new units and making new hires,” Paralela 45 CEO Alin Burcea said in a press release.

Paralela 45 will open new branches in Alba Iulia, Ploiesti, Brasov and Craiova, it said.

Romanians’ demand for holidays in Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece is very high, and registrations have doubled compared to March, Burcea added.

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