A new chapter for Banat’s water mills in western Romania

A non-profit working in the region of Banat, western Romania, is working to repair and revive the region’s forgotten water mills and support the communities in exploring the tourism potential of the area, according to Romania-Insider.com.

After mapping the water mills in the region of Banat and repairing 13 of them last year, NGO Acasă în Banat is focusing its efforts this year on Eftimie Murgu/Rudăria, a commune in Caraș-Severin County, in western Romania, known for its 22 water mills. They plan to carry out a series of works designed to encourage tourists to get acquainted with all of the water mills in the village and spend more time on site, discovering its histories and traditional food.

”We started with several social cases; we still have this social aspect dedicated to helping families in need by renovating, repairing the houses they live in. This is our main activity. Starting from this idea of renovating the homes of the people in need, we thought about helping an entire community, an entire village, and paint the facades. We found this formula of holding a sort of festival where volunteers came and painted the facades of 30 houses in 3 days. This is how the “Color the Village” project was born. When we paint the facades, we chose them knowing they are the homes of underprivileged people, living by themselves, elderly”, says Radu Trifan, the president al Acasă în Banat Association.

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