Deceuninck offers an innovative window and door range with a lifespan of over 50 years and 100% recyclable

The Belgian manufacturer of PVC systems for windows and doors Deceuninck, second largest in the world, launches a series of technological innovations in the industry through the Elegant range that improves the energy-efficiency of a home.

The new PVC range provides a high degree of thermal insulation, being air and water tight, extremely windproof, as well as a very good sound insulation, complying with the requirements of the applicable nZEB (“nearly zero energy building”) standard for residential and office buildings that are being built starting 2021. The Elegant door and window profiles are also a viable option for passive houses.

Deceuninck’s technological innovations contribute to more than sustainable homes. In accordance with the company’s “closed loop” philosophy, the products are built to have a lifespan of more than 50 years and can afterwards be recycled and reused in full. Deceuninck has increased its PVC recycling capacity at its plant in Diksmuide, Belgium, where with the help of technological innovation it can process up to 45,000 tonnes of PVC annually, which means that up to 90,000 tonnes of CO2 are saved each year. The PVC granulate obtained here is used as a raw material for future profiles and window systems.

Elegant innovations: iCOR, ThermoFibra, Forthex and Decoroc

In an elegant and minimalist design are integrated both aesthetic solutions and the benefits of innovative technologies through the value of superior thermal insulation with competitive durability.

Deceuninck thus changes the paradigm of PVC windows through ELEGANT’s slim profile with a minimalist touch, prizewinning product at important design competitions for aesthetics and innovation. The Elegant system is built on the iCOR core, the first unique central module that allows joining for all types of frame profiles with sash profiles, regardless of the chosen design, whether it is reinforced with fiberglass or equipped with thermal reinforcement (Forthex) or if it is intended for new constructions or renovations. iCOR offers the possibility of unprecedented combinations, significantly simplifying the complexity of production. With a range of three frame profiles and five sash profiles you can get stylistically different images.

The probability of losing a project due to the lack of a pair of profiles is minimized. Processing is done without changing the settings of equipment or software when switching from one profile to another, which allows for time economy compared to the versatility of production. Moreover, the central central gasket provided by the factory increases the thermal and acoustic performance of the window.

ThermoFibra is the second Deceuninck innovation, for the way the fiber is used, longitudinally, acting as a real reinforcement. Increasing the strength of the profiles leads to the removal of steel reinforcement. The results involve an increase in insulation capacity, as well as a decrease in the weight of the window. By constantly improving the concept, the Elegant profiles are the slimmest in the 76 mm class.

The insulation values ​​of the profiles are substantially increased by using rigid PVC foam reinforced with thin steel bars, in a recycled PVC housing.

Decoroc is the finishing alternative from Deceuninck. Decoroc, through Smart Colors, is the technological innovation through which surfaces resistant to scratches, extreme weather and dirt or even graffiti are obtained. At the same time, it ensures color stability and is easy to clean.




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