Budget planning is the near-term test for Romania’s new Government

Romania’s new Government will complete the budget planning for 2021, finance minister and most likely prime minister-designate Florin Citu said, quoted by Agerpres

The new projects will be known, and “funds will be re-assigned [among ministries]” in the next year’s budget planning, “after the negotiations for the majority coalition will be finalized,” Citu added, according to Romania-Insider.com.

The budget planning for 2021 will be the first test for the new Government in terms of strategy and its capacity to pursue its policies in the Parliament, where it holds a fragile majority. Citu mentioned public finance, besides the European funds and digitalization, as the chapters already negotiated by the would-be ruling coalition partners.

Romania’s general election result points to continued political uncertainty and hence a still-challenging policy-making environment, Fitch Ratings said immediately after December 6 ballot. The on-going talks for a new majority addressed only to a small extent the rating agency’s concerns, which most likely remain nearly intact until a new government provides more relevant answers.

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