Romanian develops face mask detection app






Cluj-Napoca resident Florin Jurchiş has developed an app that can detect people who do not wear a mask and warn them to put it on using audio messages, Mediafax reported.

The app, called Milnesium Mask Detector, works with the help of a web or surveillance camera and comes with an ID protection feature, according to

It is free of charge and can be implemented in supermarkets, malls, public institutions, or private companies.

“When I remove my face mask, we will notice that the app will issue a visual and audio alert: Please use the mask! The alert stops when all the people in the image wear the mask properly,” Florin Jurchiş explained for Mediafax.

“I wear the mask to protect myself and those around me, but there are instances when we forget to do this. With this, we thought it would be useful to have a warning system in indoor venues,” he added.

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