Romania is connected with Israel through 60 weekly flights

Israel is one of the most dynamic destinations for Romanian travelers in the last two years. In total, over 40 flights take off from Henri Coanda International Airport  and 60 from the whole country to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv every week. This is supported by the growing number of tourists reported monthly by the Ministry of Tourism in Israel, as well as by the increasing number of flights available from major airports in Romania to Tel Aviv and Eilat, according to

Prices start at EUR 38/ticket and passengers can fly with low-cost airlines such as Wizz Air, Smart Air such as Blue Air or choose a line company such as El Al or Tarom. The flight takes about 2.5 hours and is one of the shortest flights to the Middle East.

Starting October 28, two direct flights will connect Bucharest and Eilat, with travel agencies already booking group tickets for the autumn / winter season. 6 cities in Romania have direct flights to Israel In the past year, companies such as Wizz Air and Blue Air have opened direct flights from 5 cities in Romania to Tel Aviv.

These include Timisoara (3 flights per week), Craiova (2 flights per week), Iasi (3 flights per week), Cluj Napoca (3 flights per week) and Sibiu (2 flights per week). In 2015, only 23 direct flights bound Tel Aviv to Bucharest, the route being operated mainly by line companies.


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