Cabrera Capital Markets Teams Up With BT Capital Partners

Cabrera Capital Markets LLC announces a partnership with BT Capital Partners. Headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, BT Capital Partners is a subsidiary of Banca Transilvania, which is one of the largest financial institutions in the country. BT Capital Partners is a market leader in capital markets. The group, which includes an investment banking arm, has deep expertise in asset management, capital markets and corporate finance. Through Cabrera, BT Capital Partners will provide unique research and execution services to U.S. institutional investors. This arrangement will also broaden the scope of investment options outside of the U.S. for Cabrera’s institutional clients, says

“We’ve chosen Cabrera because of its knowledge of emerging markets, their amazing client coverage and their experience in the chaperone space. Additionally, Cabrera’s services provide us with the availability and flexibility of using our own BT Capital Partners brand to speak, trade and settle directly with the U.S. buy-side. It’s an ideal partnership for non-U.S. brokers looking to access U.S. buy sides,” added Paul Prodan, chairman at BT Capital Partners.

This partnership continues Cabrera’s efforts to bring the highest-quality research to the U.S. institutional marketplace. “The addition of BT Capital Partners not only compliments our emerging European research but helps take it to a new level. BT Capital Partners typifies the quality of our broker network and enables Cabrera to expand our global research and execution offering. This continued expansion benefits our institutional clients and pension funds, as well as our partners like BT Capital Partners,” added Paul Karrlsson-Willis, managing director of equities sales and trading.


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