Skiing in Romania: The Transylvania resort of Arieseni

The Arieseni commune in Transylvania makes for a good skiing option with its several slopes, surrounding mountain tracks to be explored regardless of the season, and plenty of accommodation options, says

Arieseni is located at the limit between Alba and Bihor counties, close to the Apuseni Nature Park. Nearby, tourists can encounter the Varciorog Waterfall, the Scarișoara Glacier, and the nature sites of Groapa Ruginoasa, Piatra Graitoare, or Bihorul Peak.

Those coming specifically for skiing will find on the Arieseni-Vartop domain three slopes: Vartop I, Vartop II, and Piatra Graitoare.

Piatra Graitoare is the newest slope in the area, and it is equipped with a chairlift and a night light installation. It has a total length of 1,830 meters. The Vartop I slope has 1,000 meters in length and a chairlift available. It is a good slope for more experienced skiers as ice usually forms on its higher part. Although smaller, at 430 meters in length, Vartop 2 is equipped with a chair lift, a night lighting installation and snow cannons.

Prices for access to the slopes range from RON 3.5 (less than EUR 1) for Vartop II, to RON 6 (EUR 1.3) for Vartop I and RON 10 (a little over EUR 2) for Piatra Graitoare. During the week, the slopes close at 17:00 but at weekend two of them remain open until 20:00. The full schedule and the pricing options can be checked here.

For eating options, several kiosks and restaurants are open at the foot of each slope. A ski equipment rental center is open in Vartop, while a ski and snowboarding school can be found in Arieseni.


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