Electrica’s record investments to RON 727 mln in 2017 in distribution networks

Electrica group registered record investments of RON 727 million in 2017 in distribution networks. At the same time, the distribution operators within Electrica group planned in 2018 investments of RON 900 million, says Business-Review.eu.

Compared with 2014, the year of IPO on Bucharest and London stock exchanges, the investments program of distribution operators within the group was by 2.5 times higher in 2017. During the four years since listing, Electrica group has invested RON 2.1 billion in the distribution infrastructure.

“The modernization of distribution networks continues to be the priority of Electrica group, so that for this year we aim record investments of RON 900 million, probably the most ambitious plan in energy sector. Our target is to increase the operational efficiency and the quality of offered services,” said Catalin Stancu, general director Electrica.

Electrica group’s  investments in infrastructure increased constantly year-on-year; out of the overall value invested in 2017, RON 235 million was in SDEE Transilvania Sud, RON 238 million in SDEE Muntenia Nord and RON 254 million in SDEE Transilvania Nord.

The cumulated value of investments in 2017 at Electrica group level is by over 30 percent higher than in 2016 and more than double compared with 2014.

The investments plan structure will focus in 2018 also on the rehabilitation and modernization works of the distribution networks for the service quality improvement (40 percent), the improvement of energy efficiency and breakdowns reduction (40 percent), as well as the increase in the operational efficiency. At the same time, at the group level will be made important investments in the informatics infrastructure and the information technology systems modernization, according to the legal requirements of data protection.


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