Competition Council fines 12 companies in auto battery production, distribution and commercialization market

The Competition Council has sanctioned 12 companies in the auto batteries production, distribution and commercialization market (one producer and 11 distributors) with fines which go up to RON 3,291,715 (around EUR 731,000), according to

The Council says that it discovered a number of anti-competition agreements regarding the resale prices of products in the 2008-2013 period, between producer ROMBAT Bistrita and its distributors (Chimszed Impex, Dova Com, Fado Trade, Fast Consignatie, Genamag, Nelson, Romprioxim Impex, Rubin, Super-Sim, Tenet and Zetas Batrom Impex).

Contracts between ROMBAT and distributors at the time were found to include clauses that would establish a minimum or fixed price applied to the resale of ROMBAT products to the final seller.

Through these agreements, the parties intended to ensure they would each benefit from the sale of ROMBAT auto batteries, as the final consumer was made to pay a larger price for these products.


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