International theater companies at children festival in Bucharest

The 13th edition of the International Theater Festival for Children takes place between October 8 and October 14 in Bucharest, according to

The event gathers 22 productions for children aged between 6 months and 12 years old, to be showcased in over 40 representations. It will also feature additional activities targeting those interested in the educational role of theater and art. Parenting conferences are also scheduled as part of the event.

Theater companies from nine countries will attend the festival. They include the Asou Theater (Austria), the Gambalo Company, Theater de Spiegel (Belgium), Elimina Theater, Nephesh Theater (Israel), Factoria Transadriatica Company, La Societta della Civetta, La Baracca – Testoni Ragazzi Theater, Telaio Theater (Italy), the Poznań Children Art Center (Poland), the CEH Theater (Russia), the Da.Te Danza Company, the Markeline Company, the Labú Theater (Spain), and the Tre Theater (Sweden). They will be joined by theater companies from Romania, such as the Arlechino Children Theater from Brasov, or the Puck Puppet Theater and the MiniReactor from Cluj-Napoca.


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