AdePlast expands its production facilities in Craiova, Cluj and Ploiesti

Romanian constructions materials maker AdePlast expands its production facilities in Craiova, Cluj and Ploiesti. Until 2018, the company will build new cement and polystyrene factories in Iasalnita, according to

„We already acquired the field of 20 hectares and we started the necessary operations for constructions. The development that we already scheduled in Craiova will be a copy of the one from Roman, aiming to serve the southern part of Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, as well as the other countries from the former Yugoslavia. We take into account the development of the packaging for the items from the auto production in the next years, considering that we are at a small distance from Ford. We estimate the start of the deliveries in May 2018,” says Marcel Barbut, CEO of AdePlast.

At the same time with the development from Craiova, AdePlast intends to build a new production hall of polystyrene production at Oradea, on 2,800 sqm, which is on the place of the former factory Chimprestor.

„Already 50 percent of the production is scheduled to be delivered to Hungary and Austria,” says Barbut.

AdePlast started the field searches for a production facility in Cluj of around 4-5 hectares.


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