Cluj-Napoca: Tickets for the European Gymnastics Championships’ finals are sold out

Those who want to attend the event can still buy tickets for the qualifications, which will be organized on April 19 and April 20, says

More than 270 gymnast will come to Cluj-Napoca for the 7th European Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships. The event will take place at the Polyvalent Hall (Sala Polivalenta) in the city, from April 19 to April 23. The Hall is located in the city center, on Stadionului Alley, close to the Cluj Arena stadium.

Romania will be represented by Marian Dragulescu, Cristian Bataga, Vlad Cotuna, Robert Ghiuzan, Laurentiu Nistor, Andrei Ursache, Catalina Ponor, Larisa Iordache, Ioana Crisan, and Olivia Cimpian.


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