Tourism app promoting Romania’s Cluj region, available in five languages

The app is available in five languages, namely Romania, English, French, Hungarian, and German, and has versions for iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.

Cluj Tourism App presents tourist attractions, spots, and trails in Cluj country, as well as information about accommodation, food, leisure, transportation, and other services. It can be downloaded for free, both online and offline, being compatible with smartphones and tablets, according to a statement from Cluj County Council.

“I am convinced that, alongside the tourism promotion website and the use of social media channels for this purpose, this new facility will strengthen the county’s online presence, with favorable consequences in terms of increasing the number of those who choose to visit us,” said Alin Tise, Cluj County Council president.

Cluj-Napoca, the capital of Cluj county, is a vibrant and stylish city which has been very active in promoting itself as a tourist destination in recent years. Cluj county also has many tourist attractions outside the city, such as the famous Turda salt mine, one of the most visited sites in Romania.

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