Romania will have 14 legal days off in 2017

palatul-parlamentuluiRomanians will have two more legal days off in 2017, following laws adopted this year by the Parliament, namely January 24 and June 1, according to

In September, the Chamber of Deputies passed a bill that makes January 24, the day when Romania celebrates the Union of the Romanian Principalities, a legal day off.

One month later, on October 18, the Chamber of Deputies passed another law that makes June 1 a legal non-working day in Romania. June 1 is the International Children’s Day.

January 24 and June 1 were added to the list of other public holidays in Romania, namely January 1 and January 2, the first and second day of Orthodox Easter, May 1, the first and second day of Pentecost, the Assumption of Mary (August 15), Saint Andrew (November 30), Romania’s National Day (December 1), and the first and second day of Christmas.

Romania’s Labor Code also provides two days off for each of the three annual religious holidays, declared as such by legal religious denominations, other than Christian, for persons belonging to them.



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