Minister Ghinea: Absorption rate of EU funds up by 10pct in 100 days of governing

ghineaThe absorption rate of EU funds increased by 10.48 percent since December 2015, Minister of European Funds Cristian Ghinea announced in a report published on August 22. The report presented an overview of the activity Ghinea is heading during the first 100 days of governing, according to

Accordingly, the current absorption rate of funds available to Romania during the 2007-2013 financial cycle increased to 76.69 percent, from 58.67 percent in November 2015, when the Ciolos Government started its term. In December 2015, when Minister Ghinea took over his position, the absorption rate was  66.21 percent.

“When taking office I set two directions: on the one hand to unlock situations in the past, in order to launch the financing, and on the other hand to kick-start a simple and functional mechanism to to attract funds, in the current programming, for a long-term impact. I took over a ministry placed at the intersection of many types of problems – an IT system with shortcomings, a headquarters with problems, unlawful contracts, negative perceptions, complaint,” Minister Ghinea said in the report.

“With one hand we had to handle crises and recurring emergencies, and with the other – to attract the European money necessary to Romania’s development,” Ghinea added.

According to a press release accompanying the report, the total amount of guidelines launched from the 2014-2020 budget, available for projects, stood at 13.317 billion, compared to EUR 6.295 billion. Moreover, the process of accreditation of Management Authorities in charge of each operational program using EU funds was unlocked. Reimbursement requests cannot be sent to the European Commission without accreditation.


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