The capital of Transylvania becomes the capital of innovation

clusterCluj-Napoca will be, for two days, the center of innovation. In Romania’s second largest city, the Transylvanian Clusters International Conference will bring together over 250 participants, local and international, and more than 50 speakers, says

The event will take place between June 24 and June 25 at Cluj Arena and includes five main domains on its agenda: IT&C and Creative Industries, Energy Efficiency, Agribusiness, Innovation in the furniture industry and New materials & technology.

The main objective of the conference, according to the organizers, is to produce at least 5 practical initiatives. In order for that to happen, the members of the Romanian and European clusters will take part in 8 workshops where, alongside representatives of business environment, public authorities and research institutions, they will find out best practices in cluster management and will analyze the impact of open innovation and collaboration between different ecosystems and its results.

“The Transylvanian Clusters International Conference will offer us the opportunity to learn, from the best in the business, how to develop a collaboration culture between clusters and the member companies. I’m sure that we will take a great step in developing the project that we all fight for: transforming Cluj into the European Capital of Innovation”, said Ciprian Morcan, President of the Northern Transylvanian Clusters Consortium, which includes more than 260 entities from the business environment, research and development, and public authorities. The companies represented by these clusters have more than 18.000 employees and a cumulated turnover of more than EUR 1.3 billion.


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