The History of Love Starts Selling

mihaileanuThe History of Love, the English-language debut of the Romanian-born France-based filmmaker Radu Mihaileanu and the first international production using the Romanian town of Cluj-Napoca as a location, was sold by Wild Bunch in several territories, according to

During Berlinale’s EFM, deals have been cut with European territories such as Germany, Italy, Benelux, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and ex-Yugoslavia, and also with Central and Latin America, South Korea and Canada.

The film is adapting the bestseller of Nicole Kraus and stars Gemma Arterton, Derek Jacobi, Sophie Nelisse and Elliott Gould.

Marc Antoine Robert and Xavier Rigault are producing through France’s 2.4.7. Films in coproduction with Mihaileanu through Oï Oï Oï Productions and Tudor Giurgiu and Oana Giurgiu through Romania’s Libra Film. The project was supported from Romania by the Romanian National Film Center (CNC).


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