New railways to be built in Hungarian-Chinese partnership

Discussions could begin soon between the Hungarian and Chinese governments about a joint collaboration, according to The aim is to build a railway, which would help Hungary become a transport, logistics and distribution centre in Central Europe. – wrote

The details of the collaboration will be defined by both parties, but specific projects will not be mentioned. The agreement could provide a general framework.

With the high-speed rail (HSR) developments, the V4 countries could be linked. Until now, there are four known projects: Budapest – Bratislava (Slovakia), Budapest – Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest – Warsaw (Poland) and Budapest – Cluj-Napoca (Romania).

According to, “in the spirit of its policy of opening up to the East, Hungary is constantly looking for new opportunities to expand its cooperation with Chinese partners”. One of the main goals of the project for Hungary is to become a transport, logistics and distribution center in Central Europe.

This is the reason behind the government’s work to use modern and safe logistical methods to link regions and continents. China is an ideal partner for the project, as the country has accomplished to build two-thirds of the world’s densest total high-speed rail network, according to Hungarian media.

As Daily News Hungary formerly wrote, railway constructions will clearly be in the focus of Hungary’s transport development endeavours in the next 10-15 years. One of the most significant and talked-about railways is the Budapest – Belgrade route.

The project will be finished by 2025 and is financed by China, Hungary and Serbia. Péter Szijjártó, Hungary’s Minister of Foreign Affairs said that “more and more Chinese commodities arrive in the Greek ports and need to be transported to Central and Western Europe. There is a sharp competition for providing a transit route for them”.

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