How Romanian car industry is affected by the coronavirus crisis

The Romanian car industry will register a rebound this year, between 10 and 15 percent this year, experts estimate. The same decrease will affect the field of services for the automotive industry. But things have a chance to return to normal next year, and the big winners will be entrepreneurs who will know how to keep their employees and attract new valuable workers, according to

The health crisis caused by coronavirus and the economic crisis generated by social distancing measures have also affected the automotive industry. The volume of transports has decreased, and this means that companies that have businesses in the field will buy fewer new cars. Instead, companies and individuals will repair the cars they currently have. This means that the services that offer quality services will have more work, says the entrepreneur Simion Negrea, who owns a network of services in Cluj, AutoTech.

In the coming months, in the field of car services, only those able to reinvent themselves, to offer better quality, higher speed and lower prices will remain on the market. This means that car companies need to better organize their business, waste less resources and invest in new technologies, which can provide greater work efficiency and lower operating costs.