The most haunted forest in the world and how to get there

In Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania, the trees stop suddenly in “The Circle”. A mysterious, near perfect circle in the center of the forest where no vegetation grows. Soil samples and tests for radiation have been ran all around the circle, all returning the same results to the rest of the forest. Trees outside the circle grow in bizarre twisted ways – in zig-zag patterns or in clockwise spirals. Science is yet to explain this, says

This is Hoia Baciu, just outside Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s second city in the depths of Transylvania. Hoia Forest is a 30-minute drive from Cluj-Napoca. Some even call it the “Bermuda Triangle of Romania.”

According to local legends, strange energies lurk among the crooked trees. One tale tells of a young girl who disappeared into the forest, only to reappear years later, looking the same as she did when she vanished, unable to remember where she had been.

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