Number of passengers at Cluj-Napoca airport up 40 pct during Electric Castle & Untold festivals

Romanian city Cluj-Napoca recently hosted two of the biggest festivals in the country – Electric Castle and Untold – and attendees are increasingly choosing to get to the festivals by plane. As a result, during the festival period, the Cluj-Napoca airport recorded up to 40 percent more passengers than usual, according to data provided by tourism agency, quoted by

July was the busiest and most expensive month of the year for flights to Cluj-Napoca.

“Between July 30 and August 4 (the week of Untold Festival) there were 40 percent more passengers on the Cluj-Napoca airport compared to the previous week, while between July 15 and 21 (Electric Castle week) there were 37 percent more passengers compared to the previous week,” writes.

Bookings for both festivals began as early as November 2018, the period when the dates for the 2019 editions or the first artists were announced.

Tourists who attended the two festivals paid between EUR 80 and 401 for their flights. For Electric Castle, the average plane ticket price was EUR 158, while flights for Untold Festival were up to 20 percent more expensive, with an average of EUR 194.

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