Romania’s Untold music festival required EUR 14 mln investments

The fifth edition of Untold, the biggest music festival in Romania, organized this year between August 1 and 4, in the city of Cluj-Napoca, involved an investment of EUR 14 million, according to the organizers, reported.

Ticket sales covered 40% of the costs, 40% of the budget came from sponsors, and the remaining 20% came from the fees paid by food and drink booth operators, according to

Every year, the budget of the festival increases by EUR 2 million, according to Edy Chereji, marketing and communications director of the festival.

Some 40% of the budget was used to pay the artists, 30% went to the producers including the decorations, the equipment, the equipment needed for the entire location, and the remaining 30% was spent for promotion.

This year, nearly 400,000 people attended the festival, of which 20% were foreigners, 20% were from Cluj-Napoca, 25% from Bucharest, and the remaining 35% from other Romanian cities. Foreign participants came from Belgium, France, and the UK, but also Brazil, India, China, South Africa, and Australia.

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