Palme d’Or-winning Romanian director to produce HBO Europe miniseries

Romanian director Cristian Mungiu will produce the miniseries Hackerville for HBO Europe and German network TNT Serie, The Hollywood Reporter announced. Moldovan film director Igor Cobileanski will direct it, according to

This is HBO Europe’s first international co-production. Hackerville was created by Ralph Martin and Joerg Winger, on behalf of the German company UFA Fiction. The two also authored the script of the Emmy-awarded German series Deutschland 83.

The six-part thriller miniseries is set in Germany and Romania. Hackerville follows a hackers’ attack on a German bank, which authorities trace to a network in Romania. A Romanian-born German policeman is sent to investigate, and needs to team with a less trustworthy local investigator, who wears the code name Dark Mole.

The Romanian city of Ramnicu Valcea previously won the nickname of Hackerville, for the number of cyber crimes performed from there. US magazine Wired ran a piece on it in 2011.


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