Social-democrats get most votes, set to appoint new PM

dragneaThe left wing party PSD won the general elections held on December 11 in Romania, according to the Central Election Bureau (BEC).

After the count of 99 percent of the votes, the PSD got 46.21 percent of the votes at the Chamber of Deputies and 46.40 percent at the Senate, according to

Second came the liberal party PNL, which got 20.26 percent at the Chamber of Deputies and 20.64 percent at the Senate.

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PSD, in red, got almost all the votes in Romania

The Union to Save Romania, USR, the party founded by Nicusor Dan, got 8.78 percent of the votes at the Chamber of Deputies and 8.84 percent at the Senate.

It should be mentioned that the USR got most of the votes from the Romanians abroad.

The union of Hungarians in Romania UDMR will also have MPs after it got 6.37 percent of the votes.

ALDE, the party co-founded by Calin Popescu Tariceanu, the current head of the Senate, got 5.69 percent at the Chamber of Deputies and 6.12 percent at the Senate.

The party of ex-president Traian Basescu, PMP, also got into the new Parliament after getting 5.31 percent of the votes at the Chamber of Deputies and 5.60 percent at the Senate.

Liviu Dragnea, the head of the PSD, said Sunday evening that the negotiations for the new government team will take place this week, and refused to state clearly if his party will propose him as the new PM.

Dragnea, who got a suspended jail sentence in an election fraud case and is on trial in a separate corruption case involving him the former wife, should become PM, said the mayor of Bucharest, Gabriela Firea.

The new PM has to be voted by Parliament and the PSD has already negotiated with ALDE the new majority.


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