Romanian CEOs boast highest level of confidence in past decade

The optimism of Romanian CEOs regarding the global economic recovery has reached the highest level in the last ten years, with 60% of respondents believing that the economic situation will improve in the next 12 months, according to the CEO Survey 2021 report by PwC Romania, quoted by Agerpres.

The level of optimism has tripled over the past year, which is not surprising, given the evolution of the pandemic globally and in Romania.

Although they are more optimistic than in previous years, CEOs in Romania are proving to be more cautious in their forecasts than their global counterparts (76%) and those in Central and Eastern Europe (64%), according to the PwC survey, quoted by

Among the top threats to economic growth, Romanian CEOs listed the return of the pandemic (67%), uncertain fiscal policy (57%), growing fiscal burden (51%), uncertainty about public policies (50%), and over-regulation ( 46%).

Globally, the main concerns of executives are the pandemic (52%), cyber threats (47%), over-regulation (42%), public policy uncertainty (38%), and uncertain economic growth (35%).

As regards strategies to address the challenges, Romanian CEOs are less inclined compared to their regional and global peers to rely on M&A or exit.

Thus, 74% of CEOs in Romania have shown that they will focus on efficiency as a way to address challenges.

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