Romania hosts ‘vaccination marathons’

The Bucharest Medicine University will organise a “vaccination marathon” between 7 and 10 May, where Romanian citizens and foreign residents can get the Pfizer shot without prior appointment. There will be 50 vaccination lines open and they will function non-stop for 64 hours, according to

The marathon will come after a similar event was held last week in Timisoara, Western Romania, which saw more than 6,700 people vaccinated over the weekend, including foreign students who study in Timisoara, local media reported.

Separately, authorities in Bucharest and a few other cities are opening drive-thru vaccination facilities, where people can get their jabs without an appointment while staying inside their cars.

So far, three such centres were open in Deva, Cluj-Napoca and Arad, and a fourth will open on Thursday in Bucharest.

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