GTS Telecom to invest 3 million euros in data centers and portfolio diversification

GTS Telecom, one of the main IT&C service providers in Romania, will invest over 3 million euros in 2021 to consolidate its data centers and cloud platforms, and to diversify its portfolio with the latest technologies, according to

The investments announced by GTS Telecom, member of the Deutsche Telekom AG group, are aimed to consolidate its infrastructure, to increase the capacity of the two data centers and cloud platforms, as well as to integrate new technologies in Cloud, security, or software solutions.

The total investment of 3 million euros is allocated for the consolidation, optimization, and extension of the two own data centers, located in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, the transport network, and the Cloud platforms, to ensure maintaining a high level of service quality and to enable the portfolio diversification with new technologies focused on security and data.

„Each year, we allocate significant investments in the development of the GTS Telecom network, to maintain the high-performance standards that our customers expect. We have the infrastructure, the technical expertise and the availability in becoming for our partners a one-stop-shop for integrated IT&C services” stated Razvan Stoica, CEO GTS Telecom.

In 2020, GTS Telecom ended the year with a positive financial evolution, registering an increase of over 170% in the demand for security solutions, respectively 30% of the services supported by data centers and Cloud platforms, compared to the previous year.

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