Bosch Romania opens medical center for own employees near factory in Blaj

German group Bosch, a global leader in technology and services with over 8,000 employees in Romania, has opened a medical center for its employees in Blaj, in the central part of the country, where it concentrates a large part of its local workforce, according to

The Bosch production unit in Blaj is one of the few Bosch plants in the world that offers such benefits to its employees.

“In close collaboration with our institutional partner Elisa Med, we can now provide a broader range of medical services not only to our employees but also to their families. In the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are already using the testing office within the center,” said Dirk Arnold, technical director of the Bosch plant in Blaj, reported.

The Bosch factory in Blaj started its activity in 2007, serving the industrial technology sector. Bosch produces here components for the automotive industry: a wide range of sensors and electronic components for the powertrain. The company has also implemented Industry 4.0 solutions, as well as production monitoring systems and intelligent solutions for laser welding.

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