Bors Dumitrescu Takes the Lead for Romanian Juniors


Romanian youngster Lucian Bors Dumitrescu captured the gold medal in his category U66kg this weekend at the Junior European Cup in Cluj Napoca in his own country. Bors Dumitrescu belongs to those talents this season that claimed three gold medals. He is most dominant athlete in his weight class in the IJF World Tour in 2019, says Judo Inside.

Romanian secured three gold medals this weekend in Cluj but was not the winning nation. That honour was for the strong team of the Ukraine that won three gold and two silver medals and a total of twelve medals.

The first three men’s categories delivered gold for Romania. On Saturday the Romanian youngsters set the tone starting with Mircea Tomescu U60kg against Nemanja Milic (SRB). Not much later Lucian Bors Dumitrescu took the second gold for Romania when he defeated Adil Osmanov (MDA) in the final U66kg. A good motivation for Adrian Sulca who qualified for the final U73kg. Sulca took silver in Paks in June, but this time he won his final against Claudio Nunes of Luxembourg. It was the first final for any Luxembourg athlete in ten years though in the European Tour.

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