All residents of Romania’s Cluj county to have water and sewage connections by 2023

Two projects backed by EU funding could turn Cluj county, in western Romania, into the first in the county where all the residents are connected to the water and sewage infrastructure. The projects are due to be finalized in 2023, reported.

The projects are 85% covered by EU funds from the Large Infrastructure Operational Program (LIOP). They will be implemented by the Arieș Water Company, for the localities in the Turda-Câmpia Turzii area, and by the Someș Water Company, for most of the county and Sălaj county.

One project concerns the Turda-Câmpia Turzii area, where 15 localities are targeted: Turda, Câmpia Turzii, Aiton, Călărași, Ciurila, Iara, Luna, Mihai Viteazu, Moldovenești, Petreștii de Jos, Ploscoș, Săndulești, Tureni, Tritenii de Jos and Viișoara. The value of the investment is of over RON 700 million (some EUR 150 million), without VAT. Of this, RON 600 million (EUR 128.7 million) are EU funds. Over 100,000 inhabitants are set to benefit from the expansions and improvement of the water and sewage infrastructure.

The second project, amounting to EUR 355.6 million, targets 174 localities in Cluj and Sălaj counties, where 240,000 inhabitants will be connected to the drinking water network, and 72,000 inhabitants to the sewage system.



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