COS opens showroom in Timisoara’s ISHO Offices building

Corporate Office Solution (COS), the turn-key office specialist, will open the first showroom that the company has in the West of the country, in a generous space in the ISHO Offices building. This is the third COS showroom in Romania, the other two being functional in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, according to

The COS Showroom will be operating in September in a specially designed space of 130 sqm, located on the ground floor of ISHO Offices. The new showroom in Timisoara brings state-of-the-art concepts in design and fitting. Since its inception, COS has continuously developed its range of services, becoming the first full specialist in consulting, design and office design services in Romania. COS promotes interior design concepts that come with new solutions for work area organization issues, based on research and experience. It combines trends such as Biophillic Design, space in perfect harmony with nature, Choice and Control, space that offers multiple work areas, where employees can choose to work from the “café” set up in their office, individual office space where you can focus better or work areas where employees work together, such concepts based on the needs and contemporary workmanship that characterizes the current generation of office building users.


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