Business Review: Six spectacular places to see in Romania

No matter how much you have explored the country far and wide, in the mountains, at the seaside, in the capital or in the big cities, where festivals, traditions or landmarks remain relevant, there are still places that not many Romanians know about, says


Rimetea Village, Alba County (56 km from Alba Iulia)

Situated at the foot of the Trascau Mountains, surrounded by all parts of granite stretches of up to 600 meters and by a landscape that is no longer picturesque, Rimetea was awarded the title “Europa Nostra” by the European Commission. Beyond the superb nature that surrounds it, its architecture has been carefully preserved in the 19th century nuances.

Tunnel of Love, Obreja, Caras-Severin

A place appreciated at the European level, whose only creators are nature and the passage of trains, this tunnel has not really been promoted as a tourist destination, but it has gained popularity in the online world.

Enrolled on the list of hidden treasures in Europe, it was discovered from pure hazard, by a couple of photographers who have spread images from the scene with the help of the internet.

The Clay Castle, Zanelor Valley (50 km from Sibiu)

Located in a setting as the name of the Zanelor Valley itself suggests, the Clay Castle has begun to emerge from the hands of a family no sooner than 2014. It sold all its savings plus the house in Bucharest because this castle was taken out of fairy tales to be part of reality. The Clay Castle is entirely made of natural materials, in a place where you can completely forget about your troubles.

It has the Fagaras Mountains on one side and the other, the blue sky above and flowers all around it. The roof of the Castle imitates the heights of the mountains and, in fact, the construction altogether reminds of the Catalan artist Gaudí and his skill in finding the point of encounter of nature with architecture.

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