Competition Council launches checks on immunoglobulin market

The Competition Council has launched an investigation into a possible understanding between some companies authorised for manufacturing and marketing human normal immunoglobulin. Under scrutiny are Biotest Pharma GmbH Germany, Octapharma Pharmazeutika Produktionsges Mbh Austria, Octapharma S.A.S. France, Octapharma AB Sweden, Octapharma (IP) Limited United Kingdom, CSL Behring Gmbh Germany, Kedrion Spa Italy, Baxter SA Belgium, Baxalta Belgium Manufacturing SA Belgium, Baxter AG Austria, according to


The companies in question are members of the Plasma Protein Therapy Association (PPTA), an association representing the interests of the industry.

“The investigation targets a possible anti-competitive behaviour consisting in adopting a coordinated strategy between these companies by limiting and disrupting the supply of the Romanian market with normal human immunoglobulin by these companies with the aim of eliminating the clawback tax and obtaining a more favourable fiscal framework and, implicitly, of improving the profit margins,” a communiqué released on Monday by the Competition Council reads, informs.

During the investigation, unannounced inspections were carried out simultaneously in Romania, as well as in Belgium and Italy. The Competition Authorities of the two countries carried out inspections at the premises of the Kedrion company in Italy (Milan and Castelvecchio) and the PPTA in Brussels, under the legal conditions of these countries, upon the request of the Romanian Competition Council, and the Romanian competition inspectors witnessed the inspections.


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