Apartment price grows to 1,215 euro/sq.m in May, 1.5% more than in April

The average price for apartments sold in May at national level grew to 1,215 euro/sq.m, 1.5% over the level recorded in April , 1,197 euro/sq.m, according to an analysis made by a real estate website, quoted by ActMedia.eu.

The growing tendency was registered in all big regional centres of the country, both in the old and new market. In May, Iasi exceeded the 1,000 euro/sq.m threshold for the average price of apartments, thus joining the other large towns, including Craiova, according to the analysis made by Imobiliare.ro.

In Bucharest, apartment prices grew by 1% last month, from 1,315 to 1,328 euro/sq.m. Increases were registered for both market segments analysed – old and new apartments. In the case of old apartments there was a plus of 0.7% (from 1,234 to 1,243 euro/sq.m), while the second had an advance of 1.2% (from 1,372 to 1,389 euro/sq.m).

In Brasov, prices showed a rise of 0.5%, from 1,043 to 1,048 euro/sq.m. Old apartments appreciated less, with 0.2% (from 1,044 to 1,046 euro/sq.m), while new apartments had an advance of 0.8% (from 1,046 to 1,054 euro/sq.m).

In Cluj Napoca, apartments for sale appreciated last month by 1.2%, to 1,523 euro/sq.m (against 1,505 euro/sq.m at end of April). Increases recorded in the two market segments analysed were not equal. Apartments in old buildings appreciated by 0.5% (from 1,552 to 1,559 euro/sq.m), while new apartments in residential ensembles grew by 2.2% (from 1,460 to 1,492 euro/sq.m).



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