Skiing in Romania: The Maramures resort of Cavnic

In recent years, the area has started to develop as a tourist destination, having the beautiful Gutai Mountains to rely on. Several mountain climbing and tracking paths can be explored there, regardless of the season.

During winter, Cavnic offers two ski areas: the Icoana slopes and the Roata slopes, some 200 meters apart from each other.

There are five slopes at Roata: Roata 1, of 920 meters; Roata 2, of 1,030 meters; Rainer 1 (Roata 3) of 800 meters; Rainer 2 (Roata 4) of 1,000 meters; and Albastra of 2,250 meters. Two smaller slopes connect Albastra to Roata 2 at 160 meters, and Rainer to Roata 1 at 140 meters. Rainer 1 and Rainer 2 are considered the most difficult ones, but both beginners and more advanced skiers will find a slope to suite them.




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