New armored vehicle made in Romania to use 87% local components

The Romanian-German joint venture that will produce the new 8X8 Agilis armored vehicles at the Moreni plant in Romania will create 600 direct and indirect jobs in the town, says

The company, which is called Romanian Military Vehicle Systems (RMVS), will build 400 armored vehicles based on German technology, with some 87% of the components being manufactured in Romania, according to German group Rheinmetall, which owns 50% of the joint venture. The other 50% is held by Romania’s state defense contractor Romarm.

“This is the first mixed company in Romania’s defense industry in which the Romanian state holds 50% of the shares. Each euro invested in the Moreni factory will multiply vertically and horizontally in business. The money will remain in Romania as will the intellectual property rights for the product, which will be developed in Romania,” said Karl-Ulrich Zulauf, general manager of RMVS.

The Agilis project includes the production of some 400 amphibious armored vehicles for Romania’s Defense Ministry. The first such vehicle will be delivered in 2020.

“The new vehicle is based on a Romanian research solution and German modern technology, combining the advantages provided by the two shareholders: German quality and the low manufacturing costs at the Moreni factory,” Zulauf added. He previously managed Rheinmetall’s Boxer armored vehicle project in Germany.

The Romanian specialists who will work on the new vehicle will be trained at Rheinmetall’s production centers in Germany. Only the motor and the driveline for Agilis will be imported while the vehicle frame will be made at Moreni.


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