Sunimprof Rottaprint invests in more Mark Andy technology

Romania-based printer Sunimprof Rottaprint has invested in two 8-color Mark Andy P5 flexo presses, its second and third machines of this model, says

The production floor at the company’s headquarters in Cluj-Napoca features seven narrow web flexo presses, and a mid web offset line. Moving up from the 280mm width Mark Andy LP3000, installed in 2005 and still producing today, the company opted for 330mm width with its first Mark Andy Performance Series P5 in 2012.

The Mark Andy UV flexo presses are fitted with delam/relam, web turn bars and chill drums, which are key to the company’s production of diary lids and dairy product wrappers. One of the presses also has Mark Andy’s Web Translator for the production of coupon labels.

One of Romania’s leading label converters, the company, which was established in 1991 by Arnella Rotta and her mother, provides a variety of printed labels and packaging items as well as automated labeling machines, thermal printers, ribbons and label applicators to the Romanian packaging market. Other products available include PS and PP trays, stretch and sealing films, absorbent pads and tray thermo sealing machines. Working triple shifts six days per week, the company, which built its reputation in the Romanian market, has now expanded into Hungary and Germany, and has sales offices in Bucharest, Brasov, Timisoara and Moldavia. Claiming a 35 percent share of the domestic self-adhesive label market, Sunimprof Rottaprint general manager Cristi Nechita Rotta said: ‘We anticipate that our export sales will rise from 25 percent of our business to 30 percent by the end of the year.’

Sunimprof Rottaprint was one of Romania’s flexo pioneers in the early 1990s, relying heavily on Mark Andy technology to build its narrow web business. The company has more recently added flexible packaging to its label business, and to help develop the skills of its workforce, it has the only Flexo Training School in the country.


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