Romania’s Government may be restructured amid power struggle in ruling party

The power struggle within Romania’s ruling socialist party PSD has resumed as the relation between prime minister Mihai Tudose and party leader Liviu Dragnea has been getting tenser in recent weeks, according to

While Tudose would like to restructure his cabinet and cut the number of ministries, Dragnea is looking to organize a national congress that would reconfirm that he has the party’s support to continue as president, according to local Mediafax. Neither Tudose nor Dragnea have made any statements related to this, but other PSD leaders have spoken both about the cabinet restructuring and the party’s national congress.

The Romanian Government could be restructured so as to include only 16 ministries, instead of 24 at the present, according to Niculae Badalau, PSD’s executive president, who is second in command after Dragnea.

The PSD National Executive Committee, which is due to meet on Monday, January 8, will decide on the restructuring of the cabinet led by prime minister Mihai Tudose, Badalau also said, reports local Digi24. According to him, a “slimmer Government” made of 16 or 17 ministries would be desired.

The National Executive Committee will also decide if the party needs to organize a Congress.

The Government recently lost one of its ministers. Doina Pana, the head of the Waters and Forests Ministry, announced her resignation on Wednesday, January 3, invoking health problems. PSD leader Liviu Dragnea said her replacement would be decided by the party’s National Executive Committee but Niculae Badalau said that the Waters and Forests Ministry might merge with the Environment Ministry.


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